Sunday, October 6, 2013

St Malo Ramble Report

This weekend couldn't have been better for cycling. On Saturday I rode out to St Malo on my 'touring bike', aka a Surly Steamroller fitted with some random free rear rack and a grossly overweighted Paul Component front rack. I left Winnipeg at noon and headed toward St Malo via the Actif Epica route, only in reverse. I made a few slight tweaks to the route but by in large stayed on course. I highly recommend the ride, provided it's dry. A lot of the riding is on mud, which is excellent when dry, but I could see it becoming unrideable very quickly with moisture. If you want to see the exact route, I uploaded it here:

My Dad left St Malo at the same time and we met nearly exactly at the halfway point. From there, he turned around and rode the second half of my ride back to St Malo. I setup camp next to the course Olympia was setting up. The campground is closed, so I had the whole place to myself. I was worried about being cold, but in the end I was very comfortable and slept like a rock all night. The total distance was 93.4km, which is a long way to push a single speed with gear strapped on it. I felt it in my legs during the race, but still had a decent finish, coming in at 9th overall. I think I could have done better had I not ridden so far Saturday, but it was way too much fun to have traded it in for a better race result.

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JP said...

Very beautiful shots all around sir. Awesome idea for a Sat. ride!! Very cool. Did you encounter any sections that were not ride-able?