Sunday, October 27, 2013

Crosstastic Report

Crosstastic marked the last regular season cross race of the year, leaving only the Provincial Championships at the Forks next weekend. I overheard a few people at the race talking about what a great season we had this year, and I have to say I agree. At the start of the season I set a personal goal to finish in the top ten each race, and try for a few top five positions. Aside from my Dark Cross placing (14th, though it would have been a top ten if you consider all the racers who were bumped up to A in the next race), I exceeded my goals with two podiums and two more top 5 spots. I was secretly hoping for a win today, but after an overly enthusiastic start, I fell back in the second lap and couldn't get back on Ian's wheel (who is apparently my bitter, bitter, bitter rival).

I'm hoping for a good race on Sunday as it's my last chance to win a provincial medal for a long time. Next year I'll be bumped out of the 23-29 group and into the next tier, putting me up against just a few people who are kinda fast..

Until then, here are a few photos from Crosstastic, a fantastic race and course put on by the FOG Cycling Club.

- Oh also, I'll be sharing some photos from Southern Cross soon as well. All my Altona photos were deleted when I neglected to download them before returning the camera to Cindy, who reformatted the card before a shoot. Oops! Thankfully I was able to recover the files this evening.

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CycleChick said...

Love the juxtaposition of shot 7 and 8. Rage vs. good times. Perfect.